The WatchManager GateCode product is the most advanced, secure and fool proof property access control solution for Monitoring and Response based companies available to date.  It is simple to install and use, robust and built for purpose, as well as being incredibly economical for both the service provider and their clients.  Locally designed and built, it uses the latest Nano-technology to produce highly encrypted, completely random signals and codes that range into the hundreds of millions of combinations.  No off-the-shelf technology is used, so the coding and signalling cannot be hacked or decrypted.

The system cannot be jammed, codes cannot be re-used more than once, and the time during which the code can be used can be very tightly controlled.  To cap it all, the code is only given to one person who must be at or near the location at the time of issue.

The system can also incorporate a GSM module to facilitate auto-loading of the code to the keypad.

There are a number of components to the GateCode product, each one individually secure in its own right.  These are the gate or door receiver, the vehicle-based keypad, a key fob, and the WatchManager code generation software module.  The combination of all of the components is completely unique, totally encrypted and fully randomised.  One cannot operate without the others, and should there be a suspected breach of security, each unit can be instantly isolated or disabled.

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