The demand for video verification of an alarm trigger event in a control room is starting to gain serious traction, just in order to save costs and dramatically improve responses to events.  The savings are huge, and the benefits are even bigger.  There are numerous systems available, but your WatchManager team picked out a number of products that seem to stand out above the rest, and have so far successfully completed two full system integrations.

The first one is the OPTEX CHeKT Video Bridge.  This system links any ONVIF compliant camera to existing zones, so that when a zone detector is triggered, the before and after event images and video clip are sent directly to your operator’s screen, enabling them to make rapid and informed decisions about the correct course of action to be taken.

The second one is the Deep Alert Video Analytics system.  Deep Alert provides near instantaneous, highly accurate analytics of a video stream, and it will report the non-normal event directly to your operator’s screen, without having to use specialised analytics cameras.  It does not have to be linked to any zone, and does not even require an alarm panel link.  As long as the cameras or the DVR / NVR are IP addressable, their images will be analysed and reported on according to your specific settings.

Both of these integrations are unique in our industry and WatchManager is proud to offer their significant benefits to you.  Call or message us for more detailed information on these two exciting products.